First Teachers

The goals of our First Teachers Workshop are to:

  • educate parents, childcare providers, and teachers on the importance of reading aloud to children
  • motivate these adults to institute a daily ritual of reading aloud
  • provide an opportunity for the adults to improve their own English language reading skills
  • introduce families to local library resources and help them overcome reluctance or fear about use of these resources
  • encourage parents to become more involved in their child's education

The workshops are facilitated by Bring Me A Book's highly qualified and enthusiastic trainers who conduct workshops in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and English. Our curriculum is interactive and highly visual and uses "modeling the message" techniques that empower and provide parents the means to become their child's "first teachers." We collaborate with community partners to provide lingual training for parents and community members, communicating the importance of reading aloud and emphasizing the benefits achieved when parent and child read together on a daily basis.


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