Raising a Reader: This is a national non-profit organization that helps families successfully build and sustain literacy routines in the home. How Does the Program Work? Raising A Reader rotates bright red bags filled with award-winning books into children's homes on a weekly basis, exposing children on average to over 100 books per rotation cycle. RAR pairs this book rotation with parent training and information on how to effectively share books to promote family literacy habits, language and literacy skills, and a love of learning. Families are also connected with their local public library and children receive a blue book bag at the end of the program to keep so that they can continue the practice of borrowing books and build a lifelong habit of reading. Raising A Reader is an evidence-based program that can be adapted to meet the diverse needs of communities and families. RAR's cost-efficient scalable model serves currently serves children from birth through Kindergarten and is being adapted to serve children through age 8.

For more information: http://www.raisingareader.org