Background Checks

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
This site provides a useful fact sheet about volunteer background checks. This is important information for anyone doing background checks.

Montana Department of Justice
Background checks for criminal history are available on this site to all agencies and the general public. Information that the public can access includes felony and misdemeanor charges. For programs in Montana, this would be the most likely place to check. Fees vary according to how check is carried out: ie: by fingerprint or name based on line search. Check website for current information.

Montana’s Sexual or Violent Offender Registration Act is designed to protect the public from sexual and violent offenders by requiring offenders to register with local law enforcement agencies in the jurisdiction where they reside. Information about these offenders is then made available to the public.”  This Registry provides an up-to-date listing of sexual and violent offenders who are required to register their whereabouts.

Cleck here:

Lexis Nexis
This is a national company which offers more extensive background checks for a considerable fee. You have to talk to a representative to get a quote; the website does not provide that information.
This company also offers nationwide background checks for all types of users. Depending on scope and type of check, costs range from $25 to $35.