1. Relax! Tutoring can be fun if you approach your tutoring time with a positive attitude and an open mind.

2. Don't be discouraged by a negative first impression of your tutee. The way you and your tutee respond to each other when you first meet will be very different from the way you interact in a few months' time.

3. View your tutoring sessions as a learning opportunity not just for your tutee, but for you as well. You're helping your tutee to learn more about a certain subject, but even a very young tutee may have personal insights that will enhance your understanding of a completely different subject, or of the tutee herself.

4. Level the playing field between you and your tutee. Avoid dressing or acting in a way that draws attention to your socioeconomic differences. Respect your tutee's cultural or religious values by dressing and speaking appropriately. Choose a tutoring environment that doesn't indicate a specific social status.

5. Look for common denominators. Do you and your tutee share a hobby? A favorite song or musician? A favorite dog breed? Any interests or beliefs you have in common will improve your chances of building an effective relationship with your tutee.

6. Expect highs and lows in your tutoring relationship. No one can get along all the time with everyone, and not every tutoring session will end with an "Aha!" moment. Review past success with your tutee, apply what you've learned through trial and error, and try to head off trouble spots as soon as you see one.