5 Health Tips for Men this Movember

5 Health Tips for Men this Movember

Post Date: Nov 02, 2022

November is Movember, men’s health month. This is the time to focus on essential and often overlooked health considerations. On average, men live five years less than women. And they often die from preventable causes. Whether you’re a man or have men in your life, thinking about health this month and beyond is important. Take a look at these health tips for men, and spend time making steps to live healthier.

Take preventative care steps

Preventative care is easy to overlook, especially for men’s health issues. You’re busy with work and family commitments, and making annual appointments can slip down the priority list. But checking in with preventative care recommendations for your age group can go a long way for future health. And there are steps you can take at home, too. You can start by getting familiar with what’s normal with your testicles, doing regular self-exams, and following up with your provider if you notice something unusual.

Get moving as much as you can

Whether you take a walk with your family after dinner, park farther from the store to get some steps in, or hit the gym hard every few days, moving more can help your physical and mental health. During Movember, join the movement and commit to running or walking 60 miles throughout the month. Do your own thing, or sign up on the Movember website to join the worldwide community.

Take the time to talk

Every hour, 60 men around the world lose their lives to suicide. When you’re feeling low, it can be normal to think you have to get through it alone. But using your support system and putting words to your feelings makes a difference. Talking about what you’re going through— whether with a mental health professional or a loved one—is an important step.

Stay close to your loved ones

The community around you builds you up and carries you through life’s hard times. Keep your friends and family close to keep yourself going strong. Time with loved ones can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. And one study revealed that psychological distress went down 34% when people in the study played recreational sports 1-3 times each week. Spend time with those you love—it’s good for you.

Take action when something isn’t right

Preventative care is essential. It’s also important to act if you notice a change. You can also build your support network to include care providers in clinics in your community. Knowing you have the number to call can free you up to live your life.

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