Free Exercise Resources

Free Exercise Resources

Post Date: Oct 26, 2022
Preventative Care

It’s clear that moving your body—in a way that works for you—is essential for health. And that applies to both the physical and mental. Fortunately, getting movement in doesn’t have to come with the expense of a fancy gym membership or pricy fitness classes. Take advantage of these free exercise resources to find better health at home and in your community.


Yoga With Adriene, Nourish Move Love, Yoga with Tim, Boho Beautiful Yoga, MadFit dance workouts and POPSUGAR Fitness, among countless others, all offer free classes you can do at home. For many, all you need is the floor and your body weight.

Couch to 5K

Many Couch to 5K programs are available, both free and paid. But the central goal of all of them is to go from nothing (the couch) to running a 5K. It’s hard to know where to start if you’re not a runner or haven’t run in a while. These programs can get you going safely and help you to avoid injury. You can download a free app with training recommendations, stretching info, and pacing guidance. You can also plug into a free podcast that will lead you along the running track.

Free apps

When you dive into the world of fitness apps, there are plenty of free and paid ones to choose from. Options like 7 Minute Workout help you break down the barrier of not having enough time in the day to work out. You can improve your fitness with specialized training at home in just seven minutes a day. The Nike Training Club app offers a free version, and ClassPass has free streaming workouts and a free trial that lets you get out and take classes in your community.

Complimentary trials

Plenty of studios and gyms have introductory deals. Try out a class in your community at no cost. If you like it, you can decide if paying for future classes or a monthly gym membership is worth it. But if not, you’ve at least had a chance to move a little, completely free. In Bozeman, Pure Barre, the Pitt Training Facility, and Access Fitness offer a free class, pass, or trial, among others.

Free fitness classes

Keep an eye open for free fitness classes. MSU has offered no-cost yoga classes in the past. And the Bozeman Library has free classes in yoga and Qi gong, plus guided meditation. These free community classes are a great way to get moving and connect with others in your neighborhood.

Trails RX program

Gallatin Valley Land Trust has partnered with local healthcare providers, including CHP, to promote healthy outdoor movement with the Trails Rx Program. You can get a prescription for outdoor time at CHP clinics, with a brochure that marks some of the easy and moderate walks on the valley's 80+ miles of community trails. You also will get some tips for getting started and an activity log to track your progress. Whether your goals are geared toward balance, mobility, weight loss, or mental health, your provider can work with you to develop a plan.

If you’re unsure how to best prioritize movement in your life, a healthcare pro at CHP can help you find what works best for you. Make an appointment at one of the Bozeman, Belgrade, Livingston, or West Yellowstone clinics to get started.