Spring Activities to Get You Moving

Spring Activities to Get You Moving

Post Date: Mar 08, 2023

Spring is a time of growth and change, with days getting longer and plants and animals starting to emerge as the snow melts. And after a long winter, it’s the perfect time to incorporate more movement into your day. Moving more is proven to be good for your health. And you don’t even have to break a sweat to feel the benefits. Here are some activities this spring that will help you get moving.


Going for a walk in the fresh spring air is a great way to get some more exercise in your day. Take to the trail for a hike, or walk around town or your neighborhood to take some deep breaths and move your body.


As the snow melts off trails and roads, it’s time to pull your bike out of the garage and go for a pedal. This could be gentle on your joints and lower impact overall, a great way to get back in shape if your activity levels took a dip over the winter. Spring cycling can also give you access to natural spots before roads open to vehicle traffic, like Hyalite Reservoir or parts of Yellowstone.


When rivers and lakes thaw and the sun shines, heading out on a kayak or paddle board is invigorating after a long winter. Be sure to wear your life jacket, and be aware of cold water temperatures. But head out on the water if you can this spring.

Spring cleaning

Moving around the house is a great way to get active. And when you take on spring cleaning tasks, all that walking, lifting, and bending makes for a better workout than you might imagine. So when you organize your pantry, scrub cupboards, shake out blankets and rugs, and sweep the floors, you have the added benefit of getting some more movement in.


When the ground thaws and spring flowers start to poke up, gardening can give you an activity that is good for your body and mind. If you don’t have the space for a full garden at your home, you can still try growing some herbs and vegetables in containers, either in a window or on the porch. Even a small start gets you up and about and connecting to the earth.

Playing sports

Spring sports aren’t just for kids. Adult league sports teams, like softball, tennis, or soccer, can help you find community and be active simultaneously.

Outdoor games

You don’t need an organized sports league to have fun outdoors. Games with the family, like catch, wiffle ball, and capture the flag, can all get you moving. Plus, they bring you together for family time, too.

Community events

An event as simple as an art walk, street fair, concert, or farmers market gets you out and about. Even just walking from stall to stall or store to store can be an excellent way to get moving.

No matter how you get moving and enjoy the spring, it can be good for your health. But if you’re worried about what activity will be safest and most comfortable for you, you should talk to a medical professional. For more tips on staying active or getting back into an exercise routine, your primary care provider can help you find suitable options. Make an appointment at a CHP clinic in Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston to learn more.