Ways To Move While Working a Sedentary Job

Ways To Move While Working a Sedentary Job

Post Date: Sep 14, 2022
Preventative Care

Movement is essential for a healthy lifestyle. The World Health Organization reports that 65 to 85% of people around the worldhave a sedentary lifestyle. This is a scary thought when you consider that 2 million deaths each year can be attributed to inactivity.But when you work a sedentary job, it can be hard to find ways to incorporate more physical activity into your day. Here are a few ways to keep it moving, even in a desk job.

See if you can stand

Standing desks aren’t just a fad. They can also play a big role in staying active, even in a sedentary job. Standing burns more calories and works more muscles than sitting, which can have a cumulative effect over time.

Suggest a walking meeting

For one-on-one work meetings, see if you can take a walk instead of sitting in a conference room. As a benefit, movement can stimulate ideas, letting your brain have freedom for creativity while your body is occupied with movement.

Plan on some desk workouts

You can do a lot with resistance bands and ankle weights, even while you sit in a standard desk chair. Try weighted leg lifts while you answer emails, and bicep curls while you take calls.

Do your best to get up often

Make an effort to get up and make a quick circuit around the office once every hour. Even if it’s just to fill a water bottle or run to the restroom, moving regularly will help with blood flow, potentially reducing the risk of clots, too.

Put down the phone

Sometimes it makes sense to pick up the phone to call a nearby coworker with a question. But whenever you can, make the effort to stand up and walk over instead. It lets you get in some movement while getting work done.

Take the stairs

On your way in and out of work, or as you move through the office, take any chance you can to take the stairs. See if you can get your heart rate up, and work those climbing muscles.

Use the farthest restroom

When you do need to get up, you can choose to maximize movement. If you have more than one option for where to take your bathroom break, choose the restroom that’s farthest away. This will give you a few more steps in your day that add up over time.

Try an under-desk bike

Another tool for working out while at your desk is an under-desk bike. You’ll see low options that fit at your feet as you sit or even whole desks built with a stationary bike as the seat.

Take calls on the go

If you’re often on the phone for your job, see if you can take advantage of Bluetooth headphones or speakerphone to pace while you talk. That lets you move while you’re being productive.

Use lunchtime to the fullest

If your options for movement are limited while you work, make the most of your breaks. Take a walk at lunch, go for a bike ride, or even set up a gym session or sign up for a nearby workout class.

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